I wanna fly away

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In this world you tried
Not leaving me alone behind
There's no other way
I'll pray to the gods: let him stay

The memories ease the pain inside
Now I know why

All of my memories
Keep you near
It's all about us
Imagine you'd be here
All of my memories
Keep you near
The silent whispers
The silent tears

Made me promise I'd try
To find my way back in this life
I hope there is away
To give me a sign you're okay
Reminds me again
It's worth it all
So I can go home


Together in all these memories
I see your smile
All the memories I hold dear
Darling you know I love you till the end of time


See who I am

Is it true what they say
Are we too blind to find a way
Fear of the unknown
Cloud our hearts today

Come into my world
See through my eyes
Try to understand
Don't wanna lose what we have

We've been dreaming
For who can't deny
It's the best way of living
Between the truth and the lies

See who I am
Break through the surface
Reach for my hand
And shout out that we can
Free your mind and find a way
The world is in our hands
This is not the end

Fear is withering the soul
At the point of no return
We must be the change we wish to see

I'll come into your world
See through your eyes
I'll try to understand
Before we lose what we have

We just can't stop believing
Because we have to try
We can rise above the truth and the lies

Refrain 2x
This is not the end

Hear the silence
Reach out my blame
Will our strength remain?
If the power rise

Refrain 2x
This is not the end

Jillian ( I´d give my heart )

I've been dreaming for so long
To find the meaning
To understand
The secret of life
Why am I here
To try again

We'll always
We'll always
See the truth,
When it stares ya in the face
Will I ever
Will I never free my self
Breaking these chains

In my heart in my soul
I turn it back it's my fault
Your destiny is forlorn
After the turning sign
In my heart in my soul
I turn it back
And then I've lost
My key on the way

I've been living for so long
Many seasons past me by
I've seen kingdoms through ages
Rise and fall
I've seen it all

I've seen the harbour
I've seen the wonders
Happening just in front of my eyes
Will I ever
Will I never free myself by breaking it right?


Our dream ended long ago
All our stories
And all our glories
I held so dear
We won't be together for ever and ever
No more tears
I'll always be here
'Till the end


Stand my ground

I can see
when you stay low nothing happends
does it feel right?

Late at night
things i thought i put behind me
haunt my mind

I just know theres no escape
now once it sets its eyes on you
but i wont run, have to stare it in the eye

Refrain :
Stand my ground, i wont give in
no more denying, i got to face it
wont close my eyes and hide the truth inside
if i dont make it, someone else will stand my ground

Its all around
getting stronger, comming closer
into my world

I can feel
that its time for me to face it
can i take it?

Though this might just be the ending
of the life i held so dear
but i wont run, theres no turningback from here

(repeat chorus)

All i know for sure is im trying
i will always stand my ground

Stand my ground (repeat chorus x 2)


The world seems not the same
Though I know nothing has changed
It's all my state of mind
I can't leave it all behind
Have to stand up to be stronger

Have to try
To break free
From the thoughts in my mind
Use the time that I have
I can say goodbye
Have to make it right

Have to find
‘Cause I know in the end it's worth while
That the pain that I feel slowly fades away
It will be all right

I know
I should realize
Time is precious
It is worth while
Despite how I feel inside
Have to trust it’ll be alright
Have to stand up to be stronger


This night is too long
Have no strength to go on
No more pain I'm falling away

Through the mist see the face
Of an angel, calls my name
I remember you're the reason I have to stay



Now the day has come
We are forsaken this time

We lived our lives
In our paradise
As Gods we shaped the world around
No borderlines
We stayed behind
No boundaries is something fragile

Well we thought we were gaining
We turned back the time
It still slips away
Our time has run out
Our future has died
There's no more escape

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There's no time any more
Life will pass us by
We are forsaken
We're the last of our kind

The sacrifice
Was much to hide
Our grief just made us all go on
We try to hide what we fear inside
Today is the end of tomorrow

As the sea started rise
And the land that we conquered
It just washed away
We all have tried
To turn back the time
It was all in vain


Now the day has come
We are forsaken this time

Now the day has come
We are forsaken
There's no time any more

Now the day has come,
The day has come


Sparkling angel
I believe
You are my saviour
In my time of need

Blinded by faith
I couldn’t hear
All the whispers
They're warning so clear

Britch :
I see the angels
I'll lead them to your door
There is no escape now
Now mercy no more

No remorse cause I still remember
The smile when you tore me apart

You took my heart
Deceived me right from the start
You showed me dreams
I wished they'd turn to real
You broke a promise
And made me realise
It was all just a lie

Sparkling angel
Couldn’t see
Your dark intensions
Your feelings for me

Fallen angel
Tell me why
What is the reason?
The thorn in your eye


No remorse cause I still remember
The smile when you tore me apart


Could have been forever
Now we have reached the end

This world may have failed you
It doesn’t give the reason why
You could have chosen
A different path of life
The smile when you tore me apart


Could have been forever
Now we have reached the end


I hear your whispers
Break the silence
And it calms me down
Taste on my lips
Your salty kisses

They say I'm seeking up the danger
That one day you will let me go

I need you Aquarius
And try to learn
We'll have to stay
I feel you Aquarius
Cause you don't see,
Set me free
You call to me Aquarius

I relinquish
To your powers
From your grasp
I just can't hide

Mr. Danger
I had to conquer
You made me feel alive

They say I have to be aware
That one day you will let me go


I long for you Aquarius
I need to be with you again
I feel you Aquarius
My destiny 'till the end

Refrain 2x

It´s the fear

It awaits for the day
Will let it out
Give it a reason
To give it it's might

Fear of who I am becoming
I fear that I'm losing
The struggle within
I can no longer restrain it
My strength, it is fading
I have to give in

It's the fear of the dark
It's growing inside of me
They won they will hunt tonight
Have to save all the love
There is no escaping
Cause my faith is our doom

Hold down your head now
Just let me pass by
Don't feed my fear
Don't want it out

I fear for who I'm becoming
I feel that I'm losing
All beauty within
I can no longer restrain it
My strength it is fading
I have to give in


Long ago he came to me
I'm ever since that day
Infected with it's rage
For us to take



Lost in the darkness
Hoping for a sign
Instead there's only silence
Can't you hear my screams?

Never stop hoping
Until you know where you are
But one thing's for sure
You're always in my heart

I'll find you somewhere
I'll keep on trying
Until my dying day
I just need to know
Whatever has happened?
The truth will free my soul

Lost in the darkness
Tried to find your way home
I want to embrace you
And never let you go

Almost like you're in heaven
So no one can hurt your soul
Living in agony
Cause I just did not know
Where you were


Wherever you are
I won’t stop searching
Whatever it takes me to go


A dangerous mind

I'm searching for answers
Cause something is not right.
I follow the signs,
I'm close to the fire.

I fear that soon you'll reveal
Your dangerous mind.

It's in your eyes, what's on your mind.
I fear your smile and the promise inside.
It's in your eyes, what's on your mind.
I fear your presence, I'm frozen inside.

I'm searching for answers
not questioned before.
The curse of awareness,
there's no peace of mind.
As your true colours show
a dangerous sign.


I just have to know, while I still have time.
Do I have to run, or hide away from you?


The Swan Song

Winter has come for me, can't carry on.
The chains to my life are strong but soon they'll be gone.
I'll spread my wings one more time.

Refrain :
Is it a dream?
All the ones I have loved calling out my name.
The sun warms my face.
All the days of my life, I see them passing by.

In my heart I know I can let go.
In the end I will find some peace inside.
New wings are growing tonight.


As I am soaring I'm one with the wind.
I am longing to see you again, it's been so long.
We will be together again.


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